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Introduction and help

  1. Basic concepts and rules
  2. The buttons
  3. Automatic bidding
  4. Auction countdown
  5. Receiving information by email
  6. Security issues
  7. Troubleshooting

Basic concepts and rules

  1. The auction is open for bidding 24 hours a day
  2. All bids are in Norwegian kroner (NOK).
  3. There is no premium
  4. The Last bid-column always shows the current highest bid (real time)
  5. If there is an overbid, you will automatically receive an email
  6. On the auction main page, you will find when the current auction expires
  7. Immediately after the auction has expired, we will inform you by mail if you have won.
  8. In case of a system or server breakdown just prior to or during countdown, the auction might be prolonged
  9. Additional objects might be added to an auction during its lifetime
  10. Results from earlier auction is available from this page.
  11. It is easy to bid on the auction. The first time you place a bid, you will be requested to fill out a form. Later when you come back it is just to bid.


The following buttons are available in the system:

Help Displays this file

Reload (available on the auction main page only). Reloads the list of objects. Use this button to get an up to date list of last bids. For most browsers, this function equals the use of the browsers own Reload-function.

Objects (available in all pages but the main one). The button will bring you to the auction main page, ie. the list of objects.

Status By pushing this button, you will get a list of all the objects you have placed bids on, together with your bid and current bid. If you no longer have the bid, you may bid from the status window. If you havn't logged in, you will be asked to do so first.

Profile This button allows you to change your registration (name, address, payment and so on). Only available if you have logged in

Auctions Gives you a list of all ongoing auctions at our site.

Home Guess what - this button will bring you to our homepage!

Automatic bidding

When you place a bid, you may also enter a bidding limit. The system will then bid automatically for you up to the limit if someone else bids on the object. The following table is used for bidding:

Current bidAutomatic bid
NOK 1 - NOK 50 Current bid + NOK 2
NOK 51 - NOK 200 Current bid + NOK 10
NOK 201 - NOK 1000 Current bid + NOK 25
NOK 1001 - Current bid + NOK 100

Your limits will not be visible for anyone else.

Lets say you bid NOK 500,- on an object, with a limit of NOK 1000,- One of the following might happen:

  1. Someone bids NOK 600,-
    Your bid is automatically raised to NOK 625,-.
  2. Someone bids NOK 980,-
    Your bid should have been raised to 1005, but since your limit was NOK 1000,- that is what your bid is raised to.
  3. Someone bids NOK 1001,-
    You no longer have the bid.
  4. Someone bids NOK 600,- + LIMIT NOK 700,-
    Your bid is raised to NOK 725,-
  5. Someone bids NOK 600,- + LIMIT NOK 1000,-
    Your bid is raised to NOK 1000,-
  6. Someone bids NOK 600,- + LIMIT NOK 1200,-
    The other person now has the bid: NOK 1100,-

When either of these situations occur, you will receive a notification by email.

Auction countdown

When an auction has reached countdown, there will be a period of time (60 seconds) before the first object on the list is closed. After another period of tme (this period is auction dependent and might be 0), the second object will close and so on. If someone bids on an object, this object will get extra 60 seconds "to live".

Receiving information by email

If you have spelled your email correctly, you will receive an email in the following situations:
  1. When someone overbids you
  2. When a bid of yours is automatically raised
  3. When you win objects on an auction
  4. When the system administrator wants to tell something to his customers.
If you don't want to receive these messages, you may turn this feature off from the registration form (first time registration or by hitting the button "Profile").

Security issues

In the registration form, you might enter your credit card number. If you do so, and later want to edit your profile, the card number will not be transferred to your browser for security reasons (The system will keep your old number as long as you don't supply a new one).

If you want to pay by card, but don't want to supply your card number over Internet, please contact us by phone or fax.


Whatever I try do to, I get the list of current auctions

Solution: To work properly, the auction system has to be able to set something called cookies on your machine. Most browsers support this, but some of them have the possibility to turn this feature off.
Netscape 4x: Choose: Edit - Preferences - Advanced. Make sure that the Disable cookies-option is not checked.

NOTE: If you are using Internet Explorer 2.x or older, you will have to upgrade to a newer version.

I get irritating warnings all the time

If you get warnings saying something like you are going to do something insecure, this is bullshit. In most browsers, you can turn these warnings off once and for all by checking an option before hitting OK. You may also turn these warnings off in some kind of options menu.

It might be that you also get warnings when the auction system is setting a cookie. This problem might be solved in the same manner as the previous one. If you want to remove the problem the hard way, this is how it is done in some browsers:

Netscape 3x: Options - Network Preferences - Protocols: Accepting a cookie should not be checked
Netscape 4x: Edit - Preferences - Advanced - Cookies: Warning should not be checked
MS Internet Explorer 3x: Show (vis) - Options (Alternativer) - Advanced (Avansert): Warning before cookies should not be checked.

I get an error message telling that the object might have been deleted

You have probably switched between auctions, and then used the back-button to return to a previos visited auction.

Solution: You should always use the auction-button when you switch between different auctions.

I still have problems

Please mail us a bug report and tell us exactly what happened (which messages you got and so on) and which browser (name and version) you are using. You might also bid by email (we will place the bids for you).

Click here if you want to send a bugreport/bid by email.

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